Web site and mobile application

Web site and mobile application

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Accessing the portal on a mobile device has been optimized for small screens and touch interactions.

Each page has been adapted to provide a display suitable for different screen sizes.

As the web portal is a PWA, when accessed with a smartphone, a message appears at the bottom of the screen inviting the user to add it to their home screen. A shortcut will then be created on the smartphone desktop, and it will be possible to access the content as in a mobile app.

Initial features have been developed to cache some of the content offline, allowing it to be consulted later without an internet connection. It is possible to cache the details of desired content from their detail sheet to access it without a connection (texts, photos, maps).

It is also possible to display your GPS location on the map.

Source : Github Geotrek


To use the location service of the site viacolumbani.com on mobile, it is necessary to enable the location of the used browser. There are several ways to enable location for an application on Android and iPhone.

For example on Android, go to the phone settings, click on "Location," then "App permissions," select the chosen browser application, choose the desired option (it is advisable to choose "Allow only if the app is in use").

For example on iPhone, go to phone settings, click on "Privacy and Security," then "Location Services," click on Safari sites, choose the desired option (it is advisable to choose "When the app is active").

Install the site on Android

Install the site on IPhone