Pavese Soup
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Pavese Soup

Pavese Soup

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In May 2015, Pavia soup was officially added to the list of traditional agricultural and food products of the Lombardy Region.
Pavia soup is a traditional Pavia dish and consists of a homemade stale bread broth soup, cheese and a fresh egg in the middle. According to tradition, the recipe comes from an episode in which Francis I of France was the protagonist: during the Battle of Pavia, he was taken prisoner and immediately afterwards taken to a neighbouring farm to eat (Cascina Repentita). Legend has it that the peasant woman, taken aback, found nothing better than to serve the illustrious guest a soup made up of what she had at the time, thus inventing the famous soup. Francis I, King of France, who had returned home after a year in prison, presented this soup to the court, which was so successful that it quickly became a famous dish destined for centuries of glory.


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