19. Brittany Region (1/5)
19. Brittany Region (1/5)

19. Brittany Region (1/5)

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The regional tour of Brittany links the 45 sites that perpetuate the memory of Saint Columban and his Irish companions. 1700km long, it is divided into five parts, which can be followed successively or indistinctly. 
Starting at Saint-Coulomb, this first part leads inland to Blain, towards the southern limits of Brittany.
Alternating between coastal and inland routes, this great Celtic loop combines the traditional Tro Breizh, which links the towns of the seven founding saints of Brittany, with the more personalised Tro Breizh of Saint Columban - two pilgrimages in one.


With Saint Colomban, the route offers the opportunity to discover Brittany in all its diversity.

This first part (1/5) offers 15 stages with an average daily distance of 24km:

  1. St-Coulomb - Dol de Bretagne
  2. Dol de Bretagne - Le Tronchet
  3. Le Tronchet - Lehon
  4. Lehon - Yvignac
  5. Yvignac - St Méen le Grand
  6. St Méen le Grand - Mauron
  7. Mauron - Loyat
  8. Loyat - Plélan le Grand
  9. Plélan le Grand - Talensac
  10. Talensac - Rennes
  11. Rennes - Pont-Réan
  12. Pont-Réan - Messac
  13. Messac - Langon
  14. Langon - Marsac sur Don
  15. Marsac sur Don - Blain
  • Departure : 35350 Saint-Coulomb
  • Arrival : 44130 Blain
  • Towns crossed : Bretagne and Pays de la Loire

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Access and parking

Saint Coulomb is accessible from Saint-Malo by bus, train or ferry if the pilgrim is arriving from Great Britain.
Blain is accessible by bus.

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