15. 610 Germany
15. 610 Germany

15. 610 Germany

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Vines and water are present all along a route that is particularly rich in heritage. Both the Moselle and the Rhine also offer the opportunity to use these waterways, following the example of Saint Colomban, who often used this mode of transport.
The itinerary takes place mainly on hillsides in the vineyards overlooking the Moselle for a first part to Koblenz and then the Rhine and its mythical valley until the return to France.


The Kolumbansweg is inspired by the journey made by St. Columban in Germany during his exile around 612 and described in his biography written around 640, which relates in particular his journey up the Rhine by rowing boat.

This 470km course is proposed in 19 stages with an average of 25km:

  1. Schengen (Luxemburg)-Grevenmacher (Luxemburg) : 30km
  2. Grevenmacher-Trier : 19km
  3. Trier-Leiven: 34km
  4. Leiven-Zeltingen Rachtig: 27km
  5. Zeltingen Rachtig-Bremm : 25km
  6. Bremm-Treis Karden : 24km
  7. Treis Karden-Lehmen : 20km
  8. Lehmen-Koblenz : 20km
  9. Koblenz-Boppard : 20km
  10. Boppard-Biebernheim : 15km
  11. Biebernheim-Bingen : 33km
  12. Bingen-Mainz: 31km
  13. Mainz-Guntersblum: 27km
  14. Guntersblum-Worms: 22km
  15. Worms-Rheingonheim: 30km
  16. Rheingonheim-Speyer: 22km
  17. Speyer-Gemersheim: 20km
  18. Gemersheim-Wörth am Rhein: 28km
  19. Wörth am Rhein-Lauterbourg: 20km

  • Departure : 5444 Schengen (Luxembourg)
  • Arrival : 67630 Lauterbourg (France)
  • Towns crossed : Grevenmacher, Saarland, Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen, Baden-Württemberg, and Grand Est

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To join Schengen from Luxembourg

To reach Strasbourg from Lauterbourg
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Access and parking

The walking itinerary arrives from Metz following the Moselle and starts in Luxembourg. The city of Schengen (5300 inhabitants) is accessible by bus and train from Luxembourg or Metz, which can be reached by any type of public transport.

The end of the itinerary is in Lauterbourg (2300 inhabitants) accessible by bus or train to nearby major cities with airports such as Strasbourg, Mannheim or Stuttgart.

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