from Vire to Vassy

4 points of interest

  • Cultural

    St Thomas Beckett Church

    The oldest church in Vire was built around 950. Altered and disused several times, it was damaged in 1944 and left as it was. All that remains is the 12th and 18th century porch.
  • Panoramic

    Panorama of Houlles

    The route passes over a high point offering a beautiful panorama of the Normandy bocage... when the weather is not cloudy.
  • Cultural

    Notre Dame de la Sallette

    Near the village of La Vautrie, a small granite monument dedicated to Notre Dame de la Salette.
  • Cultural

    Vassy Castle

    The building you see on the side of the road is not Vassy castle. There's no point looking for it, you won't see it. The 17th-century château was demolished voluntarily by its owner in 1952.


From the church forecourt, walk up rue Saulnerie to the left of the church towards the belfry. Walk around the belfry, cross the roundabout and take the passageway under the building to go back up to Rue des Déportés and Place St Thomas:
  1. Walk past the ruins of St Thomas Beckett church and the park, then turn left into rue des Capucins. Then take rue des Noes davy (second street on the right). Follow this to the roundabout and turn right onto Avenue d'Atlacomulco to join the Condé-sur-Noireau road. Turn left onto this road and follow it as far as the entrance to Vaudry.
  2. Take the first road on the right at the entrance to Vaudry after the bridge under the D407 and go as far as the village of Les Essarts. Take the track on the left towards the Moulin de Roullours. Go past the Roullours church and continue along the D188.
  3. At the fork in the road, turn right towards Mont-Beslon. Follow this road until you reach a crossroads. A few metres before the crossroads, turn right onto the path leading to the Houlles panorama. Follow this track as far as the village of La Vautrie and the monument to ND de La Salette. Then take the path opposite that is closest to the house (Caution: do not take the signposted path). Go down to the level crossing and cross it. Take the track on the right after the first house and follow it to the D311.
  4. Turn right onto the D311, then left after the farm. After crossing the D512, continue along this road and turn right onto the signposted path for cyclists. At the next crossroads, turn left (railway and dirt track routes).
  5. At the junction with the D303, turn right and follow this road until you reach the D56. Turn right.
  6. Turn right towards the village of La Tirelière and drive through it (first fork to the right, second fork to the left). At the end of the cul-de-sac, continue along the track that runs alongside it and descend towards Vassy. Go back up through the village to the church.
  • Departure : Notre Dame Church - 14500 - Vire
  • Arrival : Church, rue Joseph Requeut - Vassy - 14410 Valdallière
  • Towns crossed : Normandie

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