Réchésy to Ferrette

5. Réchésy to Ferrette

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You are entering the Sundgau region, renowned for its natural and game-filled heritage. You will notice that the names of villages and places have a Germanic sound. Testimony of a cultural mix over the centuries that gives the Alsatian specificity. Discover the rich heritage of Ferrette.
The day begins with a walk in the forest with a first break on the site of the Three Powers post, a set of information panels recounting the history of a whole region sometimes German, Swiss, French. You continue along the border with Switzerland to make a small incursion into Swiss territory.
Continue your walk in the French forests before passing through Liebsdorf and Durlinsdorf. At the end of the stage you discover a magnificent panorama of the town of Ferrette with its castle. Let us tell you the history of the county of Ferrette.

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    Saint-Jean Gualbert Church à Liebsdorf

    Liebsdorf is one of the villages that have settled in contact with two contrasting morphological areas: the Sundgauvian plateau and the Jura fold of the Burgerwald. The village itself appears in texts from the 12th century onwards (income received by the convent of Moutier-Grandval), but the Liebenstein site, to the south of the village, retains the tower of a medieval castle, which probably occupied the site of a Roman castel guarding the road that ran along the foot of the Jura.
    A subsidiary of Durlinsdorf until 1882, the parish community of Liebsdorf acquired a church in 1870, dedicated to Saint Jean Gualbert, abbot of Vallombreuse (Tuscany). The neo-gothic building bears many similarities to the neighbouring parish church of Courtavon.

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    The Chapel of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Durlinsdorf

    This chapel was renovated by volunteers and consecrated to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in 1984.
    The bell tower was built in 2008.
    The chapel houses a statue of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, offered by a resident of the village. The statue is made of reconstituted stone by a Parisian artist, Luizetti (a specialist, among others, in the restoration of works from the Pantheon), after the original of Issoudun, Notre-Dame du Sacré Coeur by Chambolt.
    Before meeting this chapel you could admire the Calvary of Liebsdorf installed in 2016.
    Faith is very present in this stage.


You leave the church of Réchésy by going down the rue de l'École, at the crossroads take the second street on the left rue de la Côté, turn left then right rue du Réservoir go into the woods and follow the Chemin de Compostelle signposts.
  1. At the Three-Power Boundary Line leave the road along the border on the left, turn right onto a road, first road on the right, then left to follow the border.
  2. After crossing the D41 first road on the right you enter Switzerland, on the left straight ahead you enter France.
  3. Take the first road on the right, straight on rue des Clous in Liebsdorf, cross D 24 II, rue du Foyer, on the left rue du Général Giraud D 473, first tarred road on the right, on the left along the wood and behind the houses, on the right in front of the chapel.
  4. Turn right on the forest road, left at the second road, turn right, turn left on the forest road, then right again.
  5. Turn right at the junction with rue de Lucelle D 7B, at the Saboterie turn left on the forest road straight ahead before the hut at the crossroads turn right and go straight ahead.
  6. Turn left at the crossroads with the cross, right and then first road left straight on the forest road.
  7. At the exit of the wood take the first street on the left in front of the D 432, go down rue des Orfèvres, on the left rue de lucelle, on the right rue de l'Évêque, on the left passage de la Halle aux Blés, on the right rue du Château you arrive at the church of Ferrette.
  • Departure : Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, rue de l’Église 90 370 Réchésy
  • Arrival : Saint-Bernard de Menthon Church, 1 rue Zuber, 68 480 Ferrette
  • Towns crossed : Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Grand Est, and Jura

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