Hagenthal-le-Bas to Basel
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Hagenthal-le-Bas to Basel
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7. Hagenthal-le-Bas to Basel

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A short connecting step to Basel, Switzerland
Leaving Hagenthal you will enter Switzerland through the grain fields and arrive in the suburban districts of Basel. Cross the city to reach the cathedral on the Rhine.

3 points of interest

  • Tourist

    The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Hagenthal-le-Bas

    In 1195, under the pontificate of Pope Celestine III, the parish of Hagenthal became part of the bishopric of Basel. In 1858, the ringing of the bells was stopped for fear of the tower collapsing. In l859, Boch de Ferrette drew up a project for the construction of a bell tower next to the choir.  It was probably not carried out.
    A few years later, as the building was in very poor condition, the architect Nicolas Risler-Tournier, a native of Mulhouse, was commissioned to draw up the plans for a new construction. The foundation stone was laid on July 7, 1868: in a neo-Romanesque style, the church is composed of a rectangular nave, a porch tower, a three-sided choir and a sacristy against the choir. The construction was definitively completed in 1872. But the roof was too heavy for the weak walls. In 1899, metal tie rods were installed.
  • Historical

    Hagenthal Castle

    Located on Via Columbani
    Property of the Eptingen family, it kept the castle until the Revolution. According to Clauss, the second castle was first owned by the Eptingen family and then, from the middle of the 18th century until the Revolution, by the Reich von Reichenstein family. This author is unable to distinguish the history of the two places (p. 766). Salch knows of only one castle, that of Hagenthal-the-Bas; for Wolff (p. 240) the castle of Hagenthal-the-Bas, located in the village, would be that of Eptingen; its counterpart, located away from the town, would be that of the Reich von Reichenstein.
    Due to the alterations carried out in the 19th century, it is difficult to determine the original plan of the castle.
  • Panoramic

    Basel Zoo

    The Basel Zoo has an excellent reputation. Since 1874, the year of its foundation, many visitors have come to observe the zoo's charming fauna.
    The first lions arrived in 1890, and the antelope pavilion was built in 1910. It was after 1947 that major work was undertaken to accommodate more animals.
    All the populations of the great east of France, Switzerland and southern Germany visited the zoo with their children.
    More information about the zoo


From the rue de l'Église, right rue de Bettlach, left avenue de Souprosse, first street on the right rue des Près continue on dirt road
  1. Right on asphalt road, left at the crossroads with D16, right at the road junction, rue des Tilleuls in Neuwiller, rue d'Hagenthal
  2. Turn left into rue Principal, right into rue d'Oberwil, left into rue des Vergers, rue de Bâle, you cross the border between France and Switzerland, cross the woods.
  3. At the crossroads at the wood exit turn right, next left at the next crossroads, in Wegweiser go straight ahead, cross Oberwierstrasse second road on the left, Weiherweg follow the Dorenbach brook
  4. Drive along the Allschwiler Weiher pond, straight ahead at the crossroads with Allschwilerweg, Dorenbach Walk along the Dorenbach brook
  5. Follow Dorenbachstrasse cross Haupstrasse straight ahead Im Margarethental cross the river Birsig, turn left before the tramway track, follow the tramway track to the footbridge on the right, at the end of the footbridge turn left, turn right straight ahead Viadukstrasse
  6. Turn left in front of the SBB station, cross the Elisabetheanlage park, turn right into Elisabethenstrasse, at the crossroads with Steinenberg take Freie Strasse second on the right Münsterberg you arrive at Basel Cathedral.
  • Departure : Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, 1 rue de l’Église, 68 220 Hagenthal-le-Bas
  • Arrival : Basel Cathedral Münsterplatz, 4051 Basel
  • Towns crossed : Grand Est, Basel-Landschaft, and Basel-Stadt

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