Fesches-le-Châtel to Réchésy
24. Region Annegray - Basel
Fesches-le-Châtel to Réchésy

4. Fesches-le-Châtel to Réchésy

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You will go through a lot of forests in a hilly landscape with a break in the town of Delle to admire its heritage.
As soon as you leave Fesches-le-Châtel you walk through the forest before crossing cereal fields. The town of Delle offers you its heritage then you resume your walk among the woods and crops in a landscape with undulating relief and the charm of the villages of Courcelles and Réchésy.

5 points of interest

  • Historical

    The house at Caryatids in Delle

    This beautiful building dates from 1577. It was built by the burghers of Delle to serve as a common house and to render justice in a large room on the first floor, the rest of the building being rented to a private individual to set up an inn that has now disappeared. The exterior has changed little since the 16th century. On the street side, the lintel of a first-floor window shows the town's coat of arms and the date of construction. The five caryatids on the façade are exceptional. It is a set of carved beams intended to support the upper part of the gable but they also have a symbolic character. The central figure carrying the sword and the scales is obviously the image of Justice. The identification of the other figures is more delicate.

  • Historical

    Ancient walls and the Feltin house in Delle

    Before becoming the present town hall, the house belonged to the Feltin family, one of whose members became Cardinal Archbishop of Paris (Maurice Feltin, 1883-1975). Leaning against the wall, it was built in 1581 by the provost and bailiff Louis Lourdel on the site of a medieval building that probably dated from the 16th century.
    Fallen into the hands of a rich bourgeois of the city, lawyer to the Sovereign Council of Alsace, Henri Boug, the house was significantly modified in the years 1725-1726.

  • Historical

    The turret house in Delle

    This beautiful house was built at the end of the 16th century by Henri Lovy, eldest son of the provost Jean-Guyat Lovy, to whom we owe the House of the Ramparts. It originally appeared to have two turrets and was decorated with mullioned windows. A gallery hung on the side of the house overlooked a small brook that flowed where the current passage now stands. In 1652, it became the home of Delle's parish priest, Jean-Jacques Bonjean. The coat of arms that can be seen on the façade, turned upside down, dates from his time and bears in Gothic characters the letters IHS framed by the Latin inscription Nomen super omne nomen (the Name above all). The monogram of Christ is also found on the stone that now adorns the lintel of the postern giving access to the car park. The house was modified shortly before the Revolution by a bourgeois de Delle, agent of the Dukes of Mazarin, Antoine-Xavier Reiset.
    In 1837 the town acquired the building and its outbuildings and installed the presbytery. After the departure of the parish priest in 1948, the house annexed to the school was converted into apartments and the gardens became a playground for the boys.

  • Tourist

    Saint-Léger church in Delle

    The first church in the village probably dates back to the Carolingian period. It was replaced in 1573 by a building of which only the lower part of the north wall and the main portal remain today.
    This church was modified in 1709, but a flood in September 1714 caused a lot of damage. The bell tower in particular had to be demolished. An exterior chapel dedicated to St. Francis Xavier was added in 1744.
    A fire almost completely destroyed the church in 1857. It was rebuilt as we can see it today.
    The church is closed.
  • Tourist

    Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Réchésy

    The bell tower of the church of Récésy dominates the village.
    In the 13th century, the village formed a town hall under the Florimont provost. From this time Réchésy has a church and constitutes a parish. Later on, two chapels are mentioned in the archives, one is dedicated to the Three Kings and the other to Saint Nicolas. A church, dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, already existed in 1441. It became too small and was replaced in the 1850s by a larger building dedicated to St John the Baptist. In the cemetery there is still a 17th century chapel with a baroque altar and altarpiece.
    In 1782 the parish was transferred from the diocese of Basel to the diocese of Besançon.


On the car park of the Saint-Laurent church on the left rue du 18 novembre, at the roundabout on the left, first street on the right rue du Puit, second street on the left rue sous le Bois, on the right rue le la Forêt
  1. Stay on your right to walk on the stone path in the wood, at the crossroads turn slightly to the right while staying on the stone path, straight ahead follow the Chemin de Compostelle and blue ring signs for 1600 metres and turn right.
  2. Take a 90° path on the right and arrive at the Petit Étang, then the Grand Étang. After 200 m, turn left and join the D36. Take this road on the right and then, on the left, follow the forest road (yellow ring). Pass under the N 1019, and after 400 m, turn right and follow the yellow ring until you reach the asphalt road.
  3. Cross it and follow straight ahead Rue de la Paix on the left Grande Rue, pass in front of the church on the left.
  4. Turn right in rue Saint-Nicolas pass over the railway on the right in rue des Parcs at the caravan park turn left into a path in the woods stay on your right follow the Chemin de Compostelle signs on the border with Switzerland, do not pass through Switzerland on your right.
  5. In the fields stay on your right at the junction, on the left at the first house of Courcelles rue de Montignez, stay on rue de Montignez until the church, on the right rue d'Ajoie immediately on the left rue de Réchésy, route de courcelles
  6. Turn right first street on the right rue du Tetre et de la Chaise retser on this street cross D13 straight on the left rue de l'Ecole you arrive at the church of Réchésy.
  • Departure : Saint-Laurent Church, 28 Rue du 18 Novembre, 25490 Fesches-le-Châtel
  • Arrival : Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, rue de l’Église 90 370 Réchésy
  • Towns crossed : Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Jura

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