24. Region Annegray - Basel
24. Region Annegray - Basel

24. Region Annegray - Basel

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Although this path was not travelled by Saint Columban, this transition offers the opportunity to discover two very different and endearing border regions while walking up a path to Santiago de Compostela.
This itinerary in the Franche-Comté region and then Alsace extends from Saint Colomban to Luxeuil as far as Basel, allowing those who plan to walk from Bangor to Bobbio to continue on their way to exile.


Passing through the Belfort Gap to reach Switzerland through Alsace, this 136 km regional route is proposed in 5 stages:

  1. Annegray - Ronchamp
  2. Ronchamp - Héricourt
  3. Hericourt - Delle
  4. Delle - Ferrette
  5. Ferrette - Basel
  • Departure : 70310 Annegray (France)
  • Arrival : 4000 Basel (Switzerland)
  • Towns crossed : Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Jura, Grand Est, Basel-Landschaft, and Basel-Stadt

Altimetric profile

Access and parking

Annegray can be reached from the railway (Belfort) and airport (Basel) hubs by contacting the association of the Friends of Saint Colomban de Luxeuil.

From Basle, the whole of Europe is accessible by train or by plane on international routes.

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