16. 610 Switzerland
16. 610 Switzerland

16. 610 Switzerland

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The route goes a little bit through Austria and Liechtenstein but mainly through five Swiss cantons of different characters according to the history and geography of each, all rich and varied. It offers the sensation of living in a preserved and maintained setting that all these countries are and on well-kept paths very well marked.
Crossing Switzerland in its eastern German-speaking part, mainly following the rivers and lakes in the plain. But after a last big city (Chur), the end of the route gradually rises in the Alps to cross them by the Septimer pass (2310m) and ends in a Swiss valley before the border. 

The Swiss site of the IG Kolumbansweg Schweiz association offers the opportunity to follow the same path under a different presentation.


The Kolumbansweg is inspired by the journey made by St. Columban and his Irish monks in Switzerland around 610. Although St. Colomban is not well known, Swiss history and memory have retained more of the memory of one of his companions, St. Gall, who founded the flourishing city of Sankt Gallen.

This 480km course is proposed in 21 stages of 24km average with 2 variants:

  1. Basel-Rheinfelden: 21km
  2. Rheinfelden-Laufenburg: 29km
  3. Laufenburg-Koblenz: 21km
  4. Koblenz-Baden: 26km
  5. Baden-Zurich: 27km
  6. Zurich-Wädenswil: 25km
  7. Wädenswil-Rapperswil: 17km
  8. Rapperswil-Wattwil: 27km
  9. Variant: Wädenswill-Tuggen: 27km
  10. Variant: Tuggen-Wattwil: 24km
  11. Wattwil-Flawil: 19km
  12. Flawil-Sankt Gallen: 22km
  13. Sankt Gallen-Rorschach: 23km
  14. Rorschach-Bregenz: 31km
  15. Bregenz-Hohenems: 23km
  16. Hohenems-Feldkirch: 23km
  17. Feldkirch-Balzers: 26km
  18. Balzers-Chur: 33km
  19. Chur-Lenzerheide: 20km
  20. Lenzerheide-Savognin: 23km
  21. Savognin-Bivio: 21km
  22. Bivio-Vicosoprano: 20km
  23. Vicosoprano-Castasegna: 13km
  • Departure : 2701 Basel (France / Switzerland border)
  • Arrival : 7608 Castasegna (Swiss / Italian border)
  • Towns crossed : Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft, Baden-Württemberg, Aargau, Zürich, Schwyz, Sankt Gallen, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Thurgau, Mauren, Eschen, Gamprin, Schaan, Planken, Valduz, Triesen, Balzers, and Graubünden

Altimetric profile

Access and parking

The itinerary comes from France but it is possible to start it in Basel, which offers all the types of public transport in a large city: bus, train and plane.

Arrival in Castasegna, a Swiss village on the generally Italian side of the Alps, is accessible by bus either to go back to Switzerland (St Moritz) or down to Italy (Chievanna) where it is possible to continue by train.

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