17. 610 Italy (1/2)
17. 610 Italy (1/2)

17. 610 Italy (1/2)

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Mainly in Lombardy but also in Emilia Romagna, Cammino di San Colombano offers the opportunity to discover Italy through its welcoming population, particularly varied authentic landscapes and, in every corner, a vast and breathtaking heritage.
This route is described in a topo guide published in Italian by Terre di Mezzo.
From the Alps to the Appennines, the route crosses all of northern Italy, from the great lakes to the Po plain, passing through Milan, the metropolis of Lombardy.


The Cammino di San Colombano was inspired by the route taken by Saint Colomban in Italy during his exile around 612. Starting in Northern Ireland in memory of this Irish saint, this route stops at Bobbio, the site of his tomb, after he founded a last abbey there.

This 317km route is proposed in 18 stages of 20km average length with 4 variants:
  1. Castasegna (Switzerland)-Chiavenna (Italy): 13km
  2. Chiavenna-Verceia: 25km
  3. Chiavenna-Verceia: variant via Via Francisca 31km
  4. Verceia-Colico: 12.4km
  5. Colico-Dervio: 12.8km
  6. Colico-Dervio: variant via Madonna di Valpozzo 20km
  7. Dervio-Lierna: 18.7km
  8. Dervio-Lierna: high variant
  9. Lierna-Lecco: 17.6km
  10. Lecco-Arlate: 19.7km
  11. Arlate-Vaprio d'Adda: 23.3km
  12. Vaprio d'Adda-Gorgonzola: 17km
  13. Gorgonzola-Milano: 21.6km
  14. Milano-Melegnano: 23.3km
  15. Melegnano-Sant'Angelo Lodigiano: 23.4km
  16. Sant'Angelo Lodigiano-San Colombano Al Lambro: 13.1km
  17. San Colombano Al Lambro-Sant'Imento: 18.8km
  18. Sant'Imento-Pieve di Verdeto: 21.5km
  19. Pieve di Verdeto-San Giorgio di Bobbiano: 19.2km
  20. San Giorgio di Bobbiano-Mezzano Scotti: 14.8km
  21. Mezzano Scotti-Bobbio: 9.1km
  22. Bobbio-Eremo di San Michele: variant 16km
Between Milan and Bobbio, it is possible to take another route via Pavia described in the itinerary: 9. 610 Via Columbani - Italie.
  • Departure : 7608 Castasegna (Switzerland)
  • Arrival : 29022 Bobbio (Italy)
  • Towns crossed : Lombardia and Emilia-Romagna

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Access and parking

The walking itinerary arrives from Switzerland via the Septimer Pass and starts at the Swiss/Italy border located in the Mera Valley 12km from Chiavenna, a town in the province of Sondrio in the Lombardy region of Italy. This city of 7500 inhabitants is accessible by train and bus. The departure is accessible by bus.

The end of the itinerary is in Bobbio, a city of 3800 inhabitants in Emilia Romagna, accessible by bus useful to reach Piacenza or Genoa and domestic or international rail lines or an airport.

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